Recap of my travels in 2016

Just to refresh my ailing memory, let me admire my Facebook pictures to get a sense of the places that I’ve been in 2016.

Alright. Here it goes…

21 European Cities in 2 months plus…

Maldives, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

And I had a major 3 weeks adventure in China which I will blog about in future.

Most of the time, I don’t plan my trip. I prefer it to be raw and spontaneous. And yes. I travel alone most of the time. It makes things less complicated…but that being said, I tend to ‘pick up’ friends along the way.

Here’s my top 3 favorite photos from these countries. I hope you like them too!

Maldives (4 days, Lovely Sunsets and Watersports)

-Rode a Jet ski for the 1st time

-Snorkeled for the 1st time; saw turtles, sharks, Nemo and many exotic fishes

Souvenir from the Immigration Authority
Lovely Sunset
View from the top


Sri Lanka (2 days, Nice beaches, cheap food and accommodation)

-Motorbiked all around town, finding beaches with awesome sunsets

Huge waves crashing
Met a fellow traveler, HJ


Crazy traffic


Cambodia (6 days, Ancient temples, cheap food & nightlife)

-Hotel stay was worth spending cos it was so affordable

-Overdosed on watermelon and coconut juice

Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
Private pool in Sihanoukville


Malaysia (Penang for the Street Art and Air tix was freaking cheap, yummy food as well)

-Went Street Art hunting and gorged on local cuisine. Quite similar to Singapore’s but 3 times less expensive

Typical Shophouses in George Town
Newer Street Comic Art
The Iconic work by Ernest Zacharevic – ‘Little Children on a Bicycle’


Phuket (Beach town, yummy & cheap street food, exotic nightlife)

-Finally got to experience ‘what the hype’ is about Phuket.

-Saw stuff that I shouldn’t talk about

-Went island hopping and got to snorkel abit

-Got a little seasick and threw up for the very first time in ages

Chillin with a Chang
Crab on a stick
View from Nakkerd Hills


Indonesia (Awesome Gili Islands, beautiful beaches, lovely Ubud and Yummy Bali)

-Learnt to ride a motorbike in 15min and d*mn proud of it

-Tour of the Padi fields (Rice Terraces) and Amazing Waterfalls

-Ate at countless Warungs (small local eateries) and totally loved it

Scaling a Waterfall
Monkey Temple in Ubud
Iconic swing at Gili Trawangan


I’ll blog more about each individual trip when I have the time.







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