How BIG is China exactly!?!

Capital and Major Cities: (updated as on April 2017) Capital: Beijing, population 21.5 million. Major Cities: Shanghai, population 24.15 million. Shenzhen, population 12 million. Guangzhou, population 14 million. Hong Kong, population 7.2 million. Tianjin, population 15.5 million China has the largest population of any country on Earth, with more than 1.357 billion people...and counting. Needless to say, a 3 … Continue reading How BIG is China exactly!?!


21 European Cities in 2 months

I got to admit that this trip was one of my best ever. I made tons of friends, had many first-hand experiences, pushed myself as a solo Asian female traveler and managed somehow to arrive home in one piece but having left my heart in Europe. It was a spontaneous flight to Milan as Lufthansa was … Continue reading 21 European Cities in 2 months

Daytrip to Greenland? You gotta be kidding me…

    Ever wondered how Greenland got its name? Did you know that Greenland is part of Denmark and technically, it is categorized under North America, not Europe. "It is an autonomous administrative division within the Danish Realm between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiographically, a part of the … Continue reading Daytrip to Greenland? You gotta be kidding me…