My first Marathon experience overseas!

Thanks to a certain running enthusiast, I had the privilege of attending the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon on 21 May 2017. We had to be at the starting point by 4am for the race.   People from all walks of life, all sizes, shapes and ages were taking part in the 42km, 21km, 10km … Continue reading My first Marathon experience overseas!


21 European Cities in 2 months

I got to admit that this trip was one of my best ever. I made tons of friends, had many first-hand experiences, pushed myself as a solo Asian female traveler and managed somehow to arrive home in one piece but having left my heart in Europe. It was a spontaneous flight to Milan as Lufthansa was … Continue reading 21 European Cities in 2 months

Eat. Pray. Love

I've always wanted to revisit Bali when I was older and hopefully wiser. My dad brought us (a family of six) to camp at Hyatt Hotel when I was a little girl and to be honest, I've zero recollections of it. The best moments from this trip were riding a scooter in the pouring rain while … Continue reading Eat. Pray. Love

Here’s my TOP 10 Places to discover for 2017

My dad always says: "IF you fail to plan, you plan to fail." So, I've planned to tick these places off my bucketlist before 2017 ends. Taiwan (Flying to Kaoshiung on March 16th, 2017) Laos Vietnam Myanmar Jordan Israel Russia Portugal Morocco India Its a crazy but doable plan but I intend to travel till … Continue reading Here’s my TOP 10 Places to discover for 2017