How BIG is China exactly!?!

Capital and Major Cities: (updated as on April 2017) Capital: Beijing, population 21.5 million. Major Cities: Shanghai, population 24.15 million. Shenzhen, population 12 million. Guangzhou, population 14 million. Hong Kong, population 7.2 million. Tianjin, population 15.5 million China has the largest population of any country on Earth, with more than 1.357 billion people...and counting. Needless to say, a 3 … Continue reading How BIG is China exactly!?!


6 Asian Countries in a nutshell

From Dec 2016- March 2017, I explored more of Southeast Asia, considering I'm living in one of the most strategic countries (Singapore) in this region where budget flights are readily available. Most of the trips were unplanned and I just went with an open heart and mind. In total, I covered Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Philippines. … Continue reading 6 Asian Countries in a nutshell